Since 1978 we started to automate our plants, first by using electromechanical systems, then moving to electronic systems during the ’80s.
Currently we have fully independent automation systems and we directly supply switchboards for low, medium and high voltage.
Our SCADA systems are developed using the most advanced platforms on the market and they allow the management and remote-control, via web, of the plant.
They are usually developed starting from the needs and requirements of our Customers.

Sluice gates

It is a family product solution for closing and regulating water access to the hydroelectric power plants.
They are designed under client exigencies. Main products are hydraulic sliding gate, hydraulic desilting sluice gate, hydraulic/electric sluice gate, radial gate and flap gate.

Trash rack Cleaning machines


It is a family product solution for cleaning and filtering water before hydroelectrical using.

They are designed under client exigencies, the main products are, hydraulic trash rack fixed single-beam, hydraulic trash rack fixed telescopic machine, hydraulic/electric trash rack telescopic travelling machine, electric chain trash.

To complete the system, we usually provide also the automatic tape to collect and debris exhaust.