The Ghiggia name is tied to the construction of electromechanical equipment and systems since the late ‘30s, thanks to the founder of four generations, who began operating in this area during those years.
Since then, electricity has entered the houses and factories becoming indispensable to ensure the quality of life and increasing productivity. Four generations of men, with their commitment, they built and handed over know-how.
Today, the technical skills are integrated by the desire for global growth, especially in Eastern Europe, Africa and South America. We have 50 employees in Italy, 6 in Eastern Europe and 13 partners in Latin America.
The inner structure is formed by a trained and highly motivated staff, supported by partners with great professional experience. To support our Customers, we currently speak Italian and English, and eventually other languages.

Being “GREEN”

For a long time, Ghiggia considered the quality of services and production essential components. For us, quality means meeting the needs of the Customer, while respecting contractual agreements, providing perfect products and services, on time and within the agreed prices.
A Society as ours, which works in the field of renewable energy, has to work in perfect tuning with the environment where components are constructed and wired and also with people who work with us.
This is our “GREEN” mind, which let us become certificate suppliers for Enel/Endesa in the world.